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Robin Ward

Licensed Massage Therapist

About Robin

Robin is one of those “The Cream Rises To The Top” massage therapists. Her years as a practicing massage therapist have seen her become proficient in just about every shoulder, neck, back, and low back issue you can imagine. She approaches trigger points, tissue restrictions, and other painful, movement limiting issues with a very professional understanding and an almost surgical precision.

Coupled with an amazing compassionate touch, Robin is capable of delivering any degree of massage experience, from purely therapeutic to profoundly relaxing.

Over the years, Robin has honed her massage skills with a local chiropractic office.
And now, she manages that same office!
As you can imagine, Robin understands the client/therapist relationship on the path to total wellness like few others.

And like a true Massage Therapist: Robin cannot NOT massage!
So we at Vivid Soul Bodywork are very fortunate to offer the ability to receive one the of the best massages you will ever receive from one of the most intuitive therapists in the business, Robin Ward.

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Robin Ward



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