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About Us

Why our Clients love to work with us

About Vivid Soul Bodywork

Vivid Soul Bodywork is an attitude that “you can feel better!”

So much of the aches, pains, tensions and stresses that affect people negatively in their daily lives can be eliminated through professional, therapeutic bodywork.

We are those professionally trained, licensed and insured bodywork professionals.

Meet the Team

Veronica McCoy


Master Bodyworker and Certified Thai Massage Therapist.

Sean McCoy


Top of his class. Knowledge, professionalism and ability make the difference.

Robin Ward


Professionally trained & educated with work in all aspects of clinical, therapeutic and relaxation massage.

Lori Strehle


Over the years, Lori goes from being “..a massage therapist…”, to being “…THE massage therapist…”.


Couples Massage

Medical Massage

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