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Vivid Soul Bodywork

Professional, therapeutic bodywork & massage.

Experience the Vivid Soul Bodywork difference. Professional Massage Therapists who know how to combine techniques from multiple modalities to create a massage, customized to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Custom Bodywork & Massage
Every session is all about you.

Whether you want full body, deep relaxation. Therapeutic massage applied to a specific area. Or, more likely a combination of techniques. Regardless, every session is all about you.

Deep Therapy Massage
Bodywork that hurts sooo good

Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery, or if you are receiving Physical Therapy; often you need a degree of bodywork that involves techniques that are not described as relaxing. Vivid Soul Bodywork therapists receive some of the highest praise in the industry for our deep therapeutic bodywork.

Pre-natal Massage
...we say Mommy2Be...

Our therapists love taking care of those expecting mother's through all trimesters of pregnancy. Using our special pregnancy cushion, mother's can receive massage while laying face down in comfort and safety.

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Vivid Soul Bodywork is open and scheduling appointments.
As health & wellness practitioners, we have always embraced those behaviors that keep our clients safe & healthy. Clients of Vivid Soul Bodywork leave cleaner than when they entered. We also provide 30 minutes between sessions to more fully accomplish social distancing. Between sessions we replace all contacted linens, and reclean all common surfaces. And while you are not required to wear a mask at Vivid Soul Bodywork, your therapist is willing to wear one upon your request. Finally, to ensure the safest environment possible, both therapist and client should have temperatures below 99f and not exhibit any sudden fatigue, chills or persistent cough.

Please, check back periodically, or follow us on

for updates. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

With Kindness
Veronica & Sean McCoy

All About Vivid Soul Bodywork!

Why Vivid Soul?

For so many people, even as they approach Vivid Soul Bodywork they begin to understand why. The aromas in the air invite you to just float through the doorway. Our studio is welcoming and relaxed. And your therapist is always right there, ready for you.

A therapist who knows your body.
A therapist who knows what techniques you like.
A therapist who knows what works.

At Vivid Soul Bodywork, everything we do is about creating and nurturing a relationship of trust. The combination of your table being at just the right temperature, the perfect music or sounds playing, and your professional massage therapist who seems to just know exactly where to go and how much pressure to use.

Exceeding your expectations is why you want Vivid Soul!

Our Services

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Making The Massage Last

Coming out of your session, you will most likely be amazed at how good you feel. Here are some ways to keep that feeling going:

  1. Keep Hydrated: Massage greatly affects the lymphatic system. By temporarily increasing your fluid intake for 24-48 hours, you promote a natural flushing as you return to regular lymphatic flow.
  2. Keep Moving: Especially recipients of deeper/therapeutic techniques. Movement promotes the freedoms gained from myofascial tissue release and muscle fibre massage. Keeping those gains, longer.
  3. Take A Minute To Stretch: Not only will it feel great, it will be the #1 ingredient to enjoying the benefits of massage for as long as possible. Ask your therapist about specific “Ninja Stretches” that you can do to keep your new super powers going.


Deep Tissue

Medical Massage

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